Hair is one of the most powerful accessories for every woman, time and dedication is imperitive to enchance and boost their image.

Natural hair and extension hair share the same importance and I recognise this as a priority through all my work in this area. By using non damaging methods for example; Tapes, Braidless Weave, Hidden Weave, Micro Rings, and Nano Rings you can be assured that the protection of your natural hair is guaranteed. I consistently work with the highest grade of luxury extensions, to add length, volume, colour blends and texture, to transform and remodel your hair into your desired look.

I used to have my hair extensions done by Poppy & she was amazing. I travelled 40 minutes each way to have them done. The quality of the extensions she used was so natural and she’d always ensure I’d be seen when they needed to be updated. She’s easy to get a long with and she actually sorted out an absolute disaster someone did to my extensions when I first got them done. I was so grateful! I only don’t see her now as I have moved to Australia. Highly recommend!”


I have been having my HD brows and hair extensions done by Poppy for over 10 years now. I tried a few different salons before I found Poppy as I was never 100% happy. I will now never go anywhere else. Poppy is amazing at both hair extensions and HD brows. She takes time to colour match your hair for the extensions and listen to the look you want. I always get comments about how amazing my hair is. She is really professional. I can’t rate her highly enough.”


Poppys colour matching is absolute perfection – she is the hair extension queen! I have been going to her for over 10 years now, feel like she has become my therapist as well as my hair extension lady! She is always so welcoming and the time just flies. I couldn’t live without them now and always enjoy my appointments. They are such great quality and always blend beautifully! Thank you!”